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Have you ever wished you were one of the first investors to put money into Facebook?
Have you ever made an investment in a company that faded into silence after you wrote the check?

TBG Holdings and sister company, R3 Accounting, have challenged the accountability factor head-on and provided an opportunity for select accredited investors to participate in the accelerated growth of early stage companies. TBG provides a “Bridge to Liquidity” in the form of capital infusion and assistance with compliance filings, financial restructuring, and assistance to become publicly traded. Becoming a TBG accredited investor will allow you to:

  • Learn about early investment opportunities that the outside market will not see until after the first growth has already passed.
  • Acquire positions at discounts.
  • Avoid common mistakes that happen when you do not have enough information about a company.
  • Define an exit strategy based on intimate knowledge of a company’s timeline.

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TBG Holdings (“TBG”) is a private venture capital firm that offers unique opportunities to TBG accredited investors.

TBG Holdings and its sister company, R3 Accounting, review the strengths and weaknesses of many companies that appear to be poised for rapid growth, and choose the very best emerging companies to structure mutually-beneficial opportunities for TBG, its shareholders, and the companies seeking to grow. To our shareholders, this represents an opening to take an early position in a promising young enterprise that is also receiving expert and experienced assistance with acquisitions, mergers, infusion of capital or restructuring debt.

TBG Holdings reviews many companies each week and maintains an active portfolio of attractive holdings for its shareholders.

Our Unique Advantage: R3 Accounting

So many public small cap companies run into a shortage of capital, which forces them to let their accounting and finances fall behind. R3 accounting works with public and private companies, bringing a sophisticated and efficient approach to structuring their capital, allowing them to take advantage of the existing foundation and continued development. Our comprehensive understanding of the market, trends, and issues positions us as integral members of our client’s team, working collaboratively to achieve their objectives.Our philosophy is, if you know the financial details of the business, you have a better chance of success. With this in mind, TGB Holdings’ sister company, R3 Accounting, offers our clients the business expertise from successful, innovative, and dynamic business & service companies. The combined entity, TBG Holdings, offers a fusion of cognitive thinking, deal structuring, growth strategies, and capital recruitment. READ MORE